' Le Cuvier - Winemaking



What makes Le Cuvier's wine so unique? It all comes down to our unique philosophy towards winemaking.

In the words of Wine Herd John Munch:

"There is firm empirical evidence to the effect that yeast and other varied wine pathogens die of boredom unless given an interesting environment within which to practice their art. Thus, at Le Cuvier, we have firmly dedicated ourselves to making life as interesting as possible, while leaving the entire process of winemaking in the hands (so to speak) of the wild beasties. Indeed all human efforts in the effervescent process are evanescent."

Simply put, wine is best when left to its own devices. We rarely interfere with the natural fermentation process, adding only enough sulfites to preserve the wine in bottle. The deep-hued, opaque & intense character one experiences from Le Cuvier wines is borne from this hands-off approach, combined with these three standards:

1) We practice wild yeast fermentation exclusively.

2) Whenever possible, we use only dry-farmed fruit.

3) Every wine undergoes uncommonly long barrel aging, spending a minimum of 33 months in neutral oak.

Our resulting wines not only develop a complex array of flavors and aromas, but are also incredibly age-worthy.

On top of this, we are determined to remain a small production winery. Why, you ask? There is a curse built into the very fabric of our micro winery which guarantees self-destruction if our yearly case production were ever to exceed 3,600 cases. In the interest of ensuring our safety, we try to stay well below that.